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How Businesses Can Use TikTok

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How Businesses Can Use TikTok

The World of TikTok

TikTok, the video-sharing networking service which launched in 2017, is primarily an app for the younger generation. Within the TikTok community, you can find many celebrities and influencers sharing content, alongside your average everyday folk.

With TikTok being the latest social trend, it has gained more than 1.5 billion downloads and has over 500 million active monthly users. This platform enables users to share short videos, lasting no longer than 60 seconds, which they have recorded themselves. It is worth mentioning that video content is much more likely to go viral when uploaded onto Tiktok compared to any other social media platform.

With various unique features and effects available, TikTok is an ideal application to create content which will appeal to potential customers and be seen by a wider audience. In addition, TikTok enables users to access the most up-to-date and current songs, without copyright infringement issues, proven to be handy for businesses/ brands.

TikTok is a particularly good platform for businesses to appeal to a younger audience. The largest demographic of users on the app is between the ages 16 and 24 and it is one of the major platforms where new trends and dances are discovered. In fact, musicians and artists are now creating songs solely for TikTok, with Toosie Slide by Drake and Tick Tock by Clean Bandit being recent examples. Therefore, it is the perfect place for brands that want to stay up-to-date with current activities.

TikTok Advertising

There are several advertising options that brands can run via TikTok. All of the ads focus on video but have different benefits that allow brands to get in front of potential customers. Ultimately, the more creative the ad is, the more likely that it will be effective on the platform. Here are some of the different options for brands that are considering running ads:

  • In-feed ads - This type of advertisement is featured on the applications 'For You' page, videos that appear here are populated by recommendation so they receive a high volume of views. In-feed ads are 5-60 second, full-screen vertical videos which feature sound. Apps and links can be attached to these videos.

  • Top View - This ad type allows you to take over a viewers screen the moment they open the app, for a whole day, guaranteeing millions of views in a 24hour period. External and internal links may be added to these 5-60 second long, vertical, videos which can include sound.

  • Top View Lite - Similar to Top View, Top View Lite ads are the first thing users see when they open the app. This version of advertisement consists of a 3-5 second, soundless, full-screen vertical video which can include clickable internal and external links.

  • Branded Hashtag Challenge - this six-day, single or multi-market campaign is a way of starting a virtual movement. This is a great way to interact with the viewers as it encourages the creative community of 'TikTokers' to respond by sharing videos of their own in response. You can either start your movement in the apps discovery page or with a campaign hashtag.

  • Branded Hashtag Challenge PLUS - This includes all the features of the Branded Hashtag Challenge, however, with this your viewers can shop from your post via an explore tab on your hashtag landing page. This is a way of driving sales for your brand without viewers having to leave the TikTok App. With this, you can display store locations, showcase products and conduct instant surveys to engage with your audience.

  • Branded Effects - Your brand can be directly linked to TikTok users' most memorable moments, as you can create bespoke 2D, 3D and AR effects.TikTok users can use the effects and spread awareness of your brand, promoting your business further.


As well as running TikTok ads, businesses can also promote their brand through the use of influencers. This is a great way to increase awareness as high-profile influencers on Tiktok have a vast following and are trusted by their followers. If an influencer promotes a product, viewers are more likely to trust that company and make a purchase as they see one of their idols react to it.

If your product is aimed specifically at a particular demographic then using influencer marketing could help you target that group easier. Influencers have their own fan bases and usually fit within different categories, this can be handy for businesses which sell a particular type of product. For example, if your company sells makeup and beauty products, you could partner with someone passionate about makeup, such as a beauty influencer. That influencer can then share your product range with their equally as passionate audience.

NYX cosmetics recently created a Branded Hashtag Challenge Plus, where they also teamed up with influencers such as music artist Anne Marie and beauty influencer Danny Defreitas, as well as many others, to promote their range of cosmetics. These videos received over 34 million views in less than 2 weeks and have not only encouraged people to buy and use their products but have also influenced them to take part in the challenge, ultimately spreading the hashtag trend further.

Influencer fees can vary in price depending on the reach and follower count of each individual. Typically, the more followers an influencer has, the higher the cost will be to partner with them. Brands usually pay influencers in one of three ways:

  1. Per sponsored video-view - Most brands are charged between $0.01-$0.03 each time a sponsored video is watched. The amount the brand has to pay all depends on how popular the video becomes.

  2. Flat fee - Some influencers charge a specific amount for each sponsored post. This ensures that they are paid a sufficient amount regardless of how popular the post becomes. If a post goes viral, this form of payment can be more beneficial for companies as it can result in businesses paying less than they would if they were charged per view. However, the risk is that the campaign could underperform and brands would be charged a set fee.

  3. Results based - Sometimes, brands and influencers can collaborate and agree on a payment structure that allows the creator to get paid depending on how successful the advertisement becomes. For example, they could get paid each time a link is clicked on their video.

Cross-promote other channels

Since TikTok allows users to include pop ups and creative effects, businesses have a great opportunity to promote other services during their videos. For example, a retailer could be showcasing a new outfit line on TikTok that has quick transmissions and then has an SMS opt-in number at the end of the video. Viewers who opt-in to the subscription list can then be greeted with a digital catalogue link that is sent via text message. So, by promoting an opt-in SMS number, or an alternative channel like email, businesses can cross-promote marketing channels. This can push customers down the purchase funnel and open up cross-channel promotions.


TikTok can also be used to showcase brand personality and employee creativity. Similar to Instagram Stories, the platform allows businesses to share behind the scenes footage of employees at work. This can build relatability with customers while adding trust by including employees in company videos. Another benefit is that this can have a positive impact on recruitment. Finding new talent can be difficult and top prospects often get lots of offers. Therefore, showcasing the office environment ensures that brands can make vacant roles more appealing to jobseekers.

Brand Personality

Interacting on social platforms ultimately helps brands to stand out from competitors. With barriers to entry decreasing, most industries are now extremely competitive and social media helps companies showcase their individuality. TikTok posts can translate into brand recognition because they are memorable and present opportunities for businesses that are currently unmatched. If a business can create a video that sticks with viewers then this can generate big opportunities and leave a lasting impact. Therefore, brands that haven't already incorporated TikTok into their marketing strategy should aim to do so as quickly as possible.

Repurposing content

One of the big challenges for brands that are starting out on TikTok is knowing what type of content to create. Short form videos have to be snappy and engaging in order to leave an impression. Thankfully, it's much easier than you might think.

Businesses can create TikTok videos by condensing content from other channels such as blog posts, podcast episodes, learning guides and more. For example, a step-by-step blog post could be transformed into ten short video clips on TikTok that educate viewers on a specific topic. Adding filters, effects, and music, will of course allow these videos to become more engaging. Of course, this works both ways. If you have a great TikTok video then you can repurpose it for Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram Reels.

Content that is created on TikTok can also be reshared via other social channels like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. By sharing content across multiple channels, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood of customers viewing content. After all, algorithms can often be unforgiving to businesses so it's important to share content across as many channels as possible. Plus, if a video is well received on TikTok then it's likely that users on Facebook or Instagram will enjoy viewing it too.

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by Liam Quinn | Marketing Executive

Hi, I'm Liam, Marketing Executive at Reach Interactive. I have a background in international marketing and love branding, social media and seeing how companies communicate with their customers.


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