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Pulling Sales & Marketing Together To Get Through COVID-19.

We speak with Linsay Duncan, the founder of Your Allies. Linsay has 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and has also worked in-house for companies like Mintel International, Experian, and Sunguard.

To start the episode, we talk about sales and marketing alignment and why it is important for business success. Linsay also shares examples of how businesses can improve their alignment and the impact that it can have. We then talk about the impact of COVID-19 on both sales and marketing and how we can ensure that we remain aligned during uncertain times. When talking about sales, we cover social selling, whether cold-calling is appropriate and how to make a good first impression. We then flip to marketing and talk about how the marketing team can support sales during this period.



We chat with Stephen Kenwright, the co-founder and Technical Director of Rise at Seven. Despite launching just last year, Rise at Seven has quickly grown to become a leading marketing agency in SEO, content marketing, digital PR & social media.

Stephen has spoken to a bunch of senior marketers this week to find out their plans for COVID-19. He shares his findings and provides actionable advice to marketers during these uncertain times. The three main topics that we discuss are cutting waste, keeping the lights on and coming out of the other side firing on all cylinders. As always, we finish with a few light-hearted questions that focus on Stephen's career.


We chat with James Biggin from Steel City about the power of branded merchandise in marketing and how it fits when compared with other channels. James shares some of the secrets of the industry as well as talking about budget requirements, timing, and other topics.

We also talk about Steel City's marketing efforts. I asked James about the company's content strategy and how they try to stand out from competitors. James talks about the importance of sharing unique content and not falling into the trap of posting new branded merch items too frequently. Finally, we discuss how Steel City has been testing new channels such as TikTok and whether this has been successful.


We chat with Alara Vural on the topic of creating emotional connections. Alara helps tech businesses create an emotional connection with their audience by overcoming language that is hard to understand.

During the episode, Alara speaks about the fact that while most tech-based business owners are extremely passionate about their product and what they do, they can often miss out on customers because people do not intellectually understand what it is that they offer. We also spent some time talking about identifying your target market. While it’s important to determine the demographics of your audience such as age, location, gender, and gross income, Alara believes that businesses should prioritise finding their tribe.


We chat with Cole Schafer from Honey Copy. Cole’s email newsletter, Sticky Notes, reaches open rates of up to 60% and has over 8,000 subscribers.

He also has a highly successful copywriting guide and has written externally for many prestigious websites including Business Insider and Entrepreneur. During the episode, we chat about his approach to writing and the success of his email campaigns. We also challenged Cole to write sales copy using 160 characters or less, which is the equivalent of one text message.


20 Minute Marketing - I chat with the Co-Founder and Principal of Flywheel Associates, Connie Steele. Connie is also the host of Strategic Momentum Podcast, where she discusses wellbeing in the workplace and the show has over 10,000 downloads.

Connie has worked with many businesses of all sizes, including some of the worlds most recognised brands. In the episode, we chat about how taking an agile marketing approach can successfully impact businesses by ultimately improving the end product. Agile marketing is described in a Flywheel Associates blog post as "the notion of breaking up a longer process, such as developing a campaign or creative asset, into smaller, bite-sized pieces." Connie also shares some examples of how agile marketing has been successfully implemented and as always, we finish with some graduate advice.


We chat to Geoff Crain about using traditional marketing channels when everything is turning digital. Geoff is the Director at Kingstar Media, a leading performance marketing agency in Canada that specialises in audio, TV and digital.

During the episode, Geoff shares insights into the traditional industries available (television, radio, digital radio) which includes how to get started, how to monitor success, how much to invest and more. We also discuss the impact of using both digital and traditional channels together to develop brand awareness.


We chat to the CEO of LeadSift, Tukan Das. LeadSift is a sales intelligence provider that helps B2B companies identify more relevant leads based on intent data.

Tukan talks about the three ways that you can check that your marketing strategy targets the right people. We cover a wide range of topics, from competitor analysis to content and attending events.


We chat to Laura Hogan from JellyBean Agency.

Laura has extensive pay-per-click experience and shares some of the best ways that you can bid on competitor keywords. We also discuss some other general Google Ads tips on both the search and display network.


We chat with Naomi Davies, who has created several top-line social media strategies for luxury brands such as Manolo Blahnik.

We chat about the three-step approach that she takes when planning a top-line strategy as well as how you can make your paid ads and remarketing more effective


We chat with Hayat Rachi from Neon Moon. Hayat’s expertise has allowed the company to grow from a Kickstarter campaign to a nationally recognised female lingerie brand.

During the episode, we chat about being bold and brave with your content while focusing specifically on the interests of your target audience. We also chat about some marketing techniques that are undervalued.


We chat with Kate Barrett from eFcous Marketing.

Kate is an expert in email marketing, and we talk about the importance of using email, the different ways that it has changed and how it can be used alongside other channels. Kate also provides insights on email marketing best practices such as design, frequency and including a call to action.


We chat to Bryce Lokken from https://wearegoat.co/. We chat about current marketing trends, with a focus on digital strategy.

Bryce talks about how you can take advantage of your sales team and we also cover the importance of creating content that people will actually care about. Bryce talks about keeping your content fresh and unique and also shares his personal journey into marketing.


We chat with Zev Asch from LEDAZA INC.

Zev shares his experience in setting up and growing new businesses and we also cover current marketing trends. Zev also talks about the common marketing mistakes that can be avoided by businesses.


We chat with Erik Oehler, who is the Global Digital Marketing Strategist at Kodak Alaris

We chat about Erik’s transition from programming to marketing and Erik shares some insights about his transition from programming to marketing and we chat about selecting the right information to put in front of your potential clients. Additionally, we chat about content strategy and sharing content.


We chat to Sam Birkhead from Fantastic Media.

We talk about current marketing trends and the importance of getting your branding correct to ensure that your landing experience is on point. Sam also talks about how building a brand for longevity will lead to success.


We chat with Michael Barber from Praesto Consulting.

We talk about the value of personalising content for each individual customer to provide them with content that they will be interested in. Michael also shares his thoughts on where marketing is heading in the future.


We chat with Claudia Schalkx from Bridge2More.

We chat about the importance of knowing your customer and how you can “connect the dots” to ensure that you know who you are selling to. Claudia also shares some examples of companies that have gotten things wrong despite having large budgets.


We chat with Chris Crick from Stage Digital. Chris provides insights on SEO and optimising your paid ads.

We also talk about the importance of keeping up to date with Google and monitoring changes to ensure that you continue to rank well organically. Chris also talks about the SEO value of publishing content on a regular business.


We chat with Brendan Walker from EMEA Insight. Brendan discusses a concept called “return on value” when using social media.

We also discuss the benefit of creating content that isn’t always directly related to your product. Brendan also talks about the importance of understanding that content will be perceived differently in every country.


We speak to Charlotte Diamond from Sidekick PR.

We chat about the similarities and differences between marketing and PR as well as some of the common misconceptions that people have about PR. Additionally, Charlotte talks about the importance of building relationship with the right people.


We speak to Liam Smith from The Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Liam has had several successful marketing campaigns during his time at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park and also had a campaign that made national news when at Doncaster Council. He was also the host of the inaugural TEDx Doncaster. We chat about the being creative, how to go viral and making your company stand out on social media.

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