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3 Marketing Channels To Attract More Customers

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3 Marketing Channels To Attract More Customers


Every ambitious business wants to attract new customers to allow for growth and meet all-important targets. Fortunately, technology has given businesses of all sizes, across all sectors plenty of ways to create a connection and keep customers coming back for more. If you're keen to see your number of customers grow, it could be time to deploy social media, SMS, and email marketing strategies. Doing this will help you to reach more people in your target market.

The primary objective of almost all businesses is to attract new customers, increase in size, and meet growth targets. Fortunately, technology has presented companies of all sizes with access to new channels and ways to connect with prospective customers. Traditional marketing such as direct mail, radio placements, and print advertising are just a few of the different ways that brands can now get their products in front of consumers.

Businesses also have access to new paid advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Snap, and more. Three marketing channels that we believe provide brands with a great opportunity to attract more customers are social media, SMS marketing, and email.

Social media marketing

Over the last decade, social media has become huge and should now form an integral part of any company's plan to attract new customers. More than half of the world now uses social media, and 4.57 billion people use the internet.

Many social media platforms provide lots of promotional opportunities for companies to produce different forms of content and reach a much larger audience. This allows businesses to increase exposure by being active in many places online. It also presents an opportunity to repurpose content that is targeted for each platform. For example, a YouTube tutorial could become LinkedIn slides, an IGTV video, a TikTok series, and a Facebook post.

Since each platform has a unique user base, this allows businesses to reach out to different demographics and tailor the content they post to suit. Here we have provided the current, popular forms of social media and examples of the content that brands could post on each platform:

  • Twitter - single status, photo upload, meme, live stream, cartoon, slideshow, quote upload, poll
  • Instagram - screenshot, photo upload, meme, image series, live stream, cartoon, slideshow, quote upload, story upload, poll
  • LinkedIn - single status, photo upload, image series, live stream, cartoon, slideshow, quote upload, podcast
  • Snapchat - story upload, short video clips
  • Facebook - single status, live stream, cartoon, slideshow, photo upload, quote upload, story upload, poll
  • Tik Tok - short video clips
  • Triller - short video clips
  • YouTube - live stream, podcast
  • Pinterest - photo sharing
  • Reddit - forum
  • Medium - news, article sharing

With the right content and targeting, a single social media post has the potential to be liked and shared by followers and other platform users. This can potentially put your message and brand in front of hundreds of potential new customers.

When it comes to social media marketing, a key element is striking the right balance between sharing content that's relevant to your audience and promoting your services or products. With the ability to post videos, images, messages, and links to offers, businesses could find that social media proves to be a cost-effective way to attract new business and drive growth.

SMS marketing

Text marketing might have been around for years, but it's still an effective way to connect with your target audience and encourage them to take action. Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate, of which 90% are read within 3 minutes of being received? This is far higher than alternative means, such as email marketing. Text messages also have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.

Business SMS gives you a unique way to connect with your target audience directly and in real-time. It creates a 1 to 1 relationship between businesses and their customers that creates a more personal experience compared with other marketing methods. With such high open rates, you know that a large majority of your messages are going to be read.

With this in mind, you can focus your attention on crafting the perfect message to keep readers interested in your message. With the right language, tone, information, and offer, you can use your bulk text campaign to attract more customers.

More than half of online traffic in the UK now comes from mobile devices. This number is also expected to rise by a further 25% before 2025. Therefore, this makes SMS marketing the perfect channel to encourage potential customers to make a purchase immediately.

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns may not have open rates as high as their bulk text counterpart, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be part of your overall strategy.

Not only do email campaigns allow businesses to share offers and attractive deals, but they can also be used to showcase a brand visually. Customers are often attracted to a company for its aesthetics as well as the products and services offered. Sites such as Mailchimp allow you to send free campaigns to your customers, and you can customise emails before sending them to customers.

Marketing through email is perfect for delivering information, creating a strong call to action, and it's simple to measure the results too. One of the key things to remember when creating an email marketing campaign is the importance of the subject line, which will encourage your audience to click open.

Cutomer Account manager
Cutomer Account manager
by Jeremy Josselin | Head of Business Development

Hi, I'm Jeremy, Head of Business Development at Reach Interactive. I have a background in international business and I love seeing how brands communicate with consumers on an international level.


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