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Analyse your text marketing campaigns by using our reporting tools

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Analyse your text marketing campaigns by using our reporting tools

Analyse your text marketing campaigns by using our reporting tools

Sending out a text marketing campaign and then witnessing fantastic results is a great feeling. Of course, how you define success will vary depending on your company size and industry. A great result may be that you had a record number of sign-ups, or perhaps your campaign click-through-rate was through the roof. Regardless of how you measure your campaign performance, it is important that you monitor your results by using our wide range of reports. Remember, an SMS campaign does not end when you hit send.

There are several advantages that you can gain from monitoring your campaign performance. Firstly, it provides you with hard statistics. You can then use these statistics to track clicks and then measure your return on investment. This will allow you to then determine the value of text marketing to your company. Furthermore, if your results are good then, depending on your position, you can boast your campaign performance to your directors.

Another advantage of using our monitoring tools is that they allow you to identify which types of text marketing campaigns are working the best for you. For example, you may be seeing a high number of clicks on your campaigns that include a discount offer. Or perhaps your campaigns that are sent in the morning are performing better than those in the evening. Our monitoring tools provide you with all the insights you need, allowing you to then improve and modify your future campaigns accordingly to gain even better results in the future. Therefore, improving both efficiency and performance!

There are many different reporting tools that are available to you on our website. However, at first glance, they might seem overwhelming if you do not know what information each tool provides you with and the value that it can add. In order to help you get the most from the reporting tools available, we can look at each one individually in more detail and explain what each one does and how using it can help. You can find the reporting section by using the following pathway: Log in > dash > reporting > select report.

Sent Messages Graph

The sent messages graph provides you with a basic overview of how many messages you have sent to your customers on each given day. The graph can be broken down into a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly format.

All campaigns list

The all campaigns list is a useful reporting tool as it shows you each campaign individually. It will show you the name of the campaign, the date and time that the campaign was created and the date and time that the campaign was scheduled. This is a handy reporting tool as it allows you to show the status of all your previous campaigns in one organised folder.

All received messages

The all received messages tool can be used to show you the replies and inbound messages that you have received from your customers. This will only apply if you have a reply number set up on your account. The data in this section can be filtered, downloaded and used to create a new campaign list if needed. An advantage of checking your received messages is that you can make sure that you have replied to anyone that has responded to your campaigns.

All sent messages

The all sent messages tool will show you all the messages that have been sent from your account. This data can again be filtered and downloaded if required. This tool is handy if you want to check whether you have sent out a specific campaign, along with the recipients that the campaign went to.

Archived statements

Using the archived statements tool allows you to view a summary of the archived messages for any given month. Our system holds data for the previous three months, but you can use the archived statements tool to access data that is older than three months. The archived statements will be separated by month and once you select the month that you need then you will be able to download an “all sent messages” report for that given month.

Attachment Reporting

The attachment reporting tool can be used if you if include a document in your text campaigns. The attachment reporting tool will show you how many clicks your document has had, including the date and time of the click and the mobile number that clicked on the document. You can then use this information for remarketing purposes by focusing future campaigns on the mobile numbers that clicked – they most likely have an interest in your product or service as they clicked on your link!

Bulk Messaging

The bulk messaging reporting tool provides you with a list of all the messages that you have sent through the bulk http API. This reporting tool is only needed if you are using an SMS API.

Campaign Scheduled Overview

The campaign scheduled overview will show you any campaigns that you have scheduled for the future. This page will also show you the scheduled date for each campaign, alongside the expiry date, status and link. You can use this tool to edit or cancel any campaigns should you need to.

Delivered Daily

The delivered daily tool will provide you with a simplistic overview of your text marketing campaigns per day. The tool will show you how many messages were sent each day and of those sent, how many were delivered to the intended recipient. The benefit of this tool is that it allows you to compare the number of texts sent with the number of texts that were delivered.

Delivered Messages

The delivered messages reporting tool will give you a list of all the mobile numbers that you have ever sent a delivered text message to, along with the date and time of the latest text that was delivered. You can also click on each mobile number individually and the tool will show you every text message that was delivered to that number over any given period.


This tool is related to your account with Reach Interactive, rather than the text campaigns that you are sending. The orders tool will show your purchase history, including the order ID, the total cost of each order (gross, VAT included net) and the date of each purchase.

Scheduled Messages

The scheduled messages tool allows you to view a list of all your upcoming messages. This is a handy tool if you have multiple SMS campaigns scheduled for the future. It helps you keep on top of your account and reduces the likelihood that you send the same campaign out twice.

Sent Campaign Overview

The campaign scheduled overview tool will provide you with an overview of how many messages were sent for each campaign that you have previously sent. The tool will also identify how many of your sent messages were delivered. The messages will be split into four different categories: expired, undeliverable, delivered and rejected.

Sent Destination Count

The sent destination count is a valuable reporting tool if you have customers in multiple countries across the world that you are sending messages to. The tool provides you with an overview count of how many messages you have sent to a specific country. If you are only using SMS marketing to target one country, then you do not need to use this tool.

Short URL Reporting

Using the short URL reporting tool is arguably the most valuable tool that is available to you. This tool gives you an overview of how many times your short links have been clicked on, including link clicks that were created without using our tracked link feature. Furthermore, it will show you the date and time of each click alongside the campaign that the click came from. This allows you to identify which of your links are the most popular, alongside the best engagement time, and then you can tailor your future campaigns to include these links.

Tracked Campaign

The tracked campaign tool is very similar to the short URL reporting tool that is previously mentioned. However, the tracked campaign list is more detailed. It will include the mobile number that clicked on your link alongside the device that was used. Again, this can help you evaluate your SMS campaign performance and then make future improvements.

Windowed Messages

The windowed messages tool can be used to show all the messages that are sent out to customers. This reporting tool is only needed if you are using an SMS API. The tool will show you a timestamp of when each text message was sent to us and then another timestamp of when the text message was sent to the customer.

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