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25 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SMS

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25 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SMS

SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS provides businesses with a simple, easy, and efficient way to communicate with their customers. With high open rates and engagement, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy that works on both a small or large scale. It's also increasing in popularity, with Juniper Research reporting that SMS marketing has risen by 10% in 2020, which can be attributed to the increase in e-commerce activity this year. With further growth predicted, now is a great time for businesses to invest in texting that may have previously used other channels. We've compiled 2 of the best text message marketing statistics that you should know.

1. It's predicted that six billion people will send and receive text messages by 2025 (Spark).

This provides a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out to more customers than ever before. Texting is such a quick and easy way to promote your services to customers who opt-in.

2. SMS engagement rates are 6-8 higher than email marketing when used by retailers for redemption, data collection, and brand awareness (Retail Dive).

Text messaging gives businesses the tools to interact with customers in a more intimate and responsive way as people are more likely to check a text rather than their email inbox. The simple layout of a text is more appealing than a long, structured email.

3. 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being delivered (Business 2 Community).

As technology is such an essential part of day-to-day life, customers are never far from a phone, tablet or computer.

4. Only 39% of businesses use text message marketing to speak with customers (Small Biz Trends).

SMS has only been around for the past 20 years, therefore it is still a growing industry. New businesses are starting to venture into the world of SMS every single day.

5. Only 10% of SMS marketing messages are spam, compared to nearly 50% of emails (Tech Jury).

Emails can automatically be directed to the spam filter of your customer's inbox, which doesn't benefit your business or them. By sending a text, the likelihood of it being viewed is much higher.

6. One in 10 mobile searches for local business information will result in a purchase (Quoracreative).

The internet offers a time-saving pathway for customers to shop directly from their phone. With the use of SMS, businesses can send links directing customers to their website, as well as promotional offers and information updates.

7. 76% of consumers say they have received some form of a text message from a business (G2).

This highlights the value of being able to send a direct message to your customers. You're able to send bulk messages that are also personalised and private.

8. Only 30% of consumers receive SMS text messages from businesses they love (Podium).

Keeping your most valuable customers up to date with your business activity is important. With the growing use of SMS, we expect this percentage to rise over the coming years.

9. 75% of consumers are comfortable receiving SMS messages from brands as long as they choose to opt-in to messaging (MarketingProfs).

Most consumers are more than happy to be communicated with via SMS marketing. This opens up several opportunities to get creative with their promotional updates via text message.

10. Around 77% of consumers are predicted to have a positive perception towards companies that offer SMS (eRetailers).

Having a good rapport with customers creates a positive image for your company.

11. Consumers are ten times more likely to redeem an SMS-delivered coupon than any other coupon type (Point of Sale).

This is a win-win situation for everyone. Customers receive offers via text message and the business generates more revenue.

12. 80% of consumers have shopped on mobile at least once (PayPal).

As we become more reliant on our mobile phones, we are beginning to use them for different purposes. More people are discovering the world of online shopping each day.

13. Around 80% of people seek an SMS or alternative opt-in to help them with their shopping decisions (J&C).

With SMS becoming more popular, consumers are actively signing up to receive discounts and promotional offers from companies via text message.

14. Sending appointment reminders via text message reduces missed appointments by 26% (Aviaro).

SMS can be used in a variety of helpful ways. One simple message can save people time, money and stress.

15. 45% of all text messages receive a response, compared with just 6% of emails (Velocify).

A high response rate shows that people enjoy communicating with friends, family, and businesses via text message.

16. It takes the average person just 90 seconds to respond to a text message (Rebrandly).

Texting is an incredibly fast way to communicate with a customer.

17. Sending and receiving a text is ten times faster than placing a voice call. It also takes an average of just five seconds to read a text (Intelligent Contacts).

Texting provides businesses with one of the quickest ways to reach customers. It is cost-effective, direct and does not require lengthy calls.

18. There are almost 7 billion active mobile subscriptions globally, compared with 2.5 billion email users (Point of Sale).

That is 4.5 billion more people to connect with!

19. Around 72.6% of people will only use their smartphones to go online by 2025 (CNBC).

As more people solely use smartphones to make purchases, it makes sense to grab their attention by sending direct and personalised messages to their phone.

20. 79% of smartphone users make their shopping decisions based on SMS opt-in or similar mobile device services (99firms).

SMS offers are quickly becoming one of the main contributors when consumers make a purchase via their smartphone.

21. Around 55% of teenagers state that they send or receive texts frequently, with 31% say that they text a few times per hour and 24% almost constantly (MarketingCharts).

Teenagers typically spend most of their time either using their phone or with it right by their side. This is great news for businesses that have the capacity to send offers via text message.

22. 78% of teenagers now have access to a mobile device and around seven in ten regularly make purchases online (Quoracreative).

Texting provides companies with a great opportunity to connect with younger customers.

23. Half of adults under 30 years olds consider text messaging to be just as meaningful as phone calls (Business 2 Community).

Texting is a simple and easy way for people to communicate. It is short, precise, and time-efficient. With younger adults living busy lives, it allows them to speak with friends, family, and businesses quickly.

24. Almost seven in ten consumers would like to be able to contact businesses via text messages (MarTech Advisor).

The willingness of consumers to communicate with businesses via text messaging has steadily increased over time.

25. Over 50% of consumers under the age of 44 admitted that they become frustrated when they are unable to connect with a business via text message (Small Business Trends).

The growing demand from consumers to send and receive SMS messages with businesses emphasises that there has never been a better time to start sending texts.

Cutomer Account manager
Cutomer Account manager
by Adam Jack | Customer Account Manager

Hi, I'm Adam, Customer Account Manager at Reach Interactive, with a background in digital and international marketing. I love everything to do with digital technology and improving communication between brands and their customers.


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